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Ana Lucía Cambia La Vida + Aventura Sobre Ruedas

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Develop all your language skills. Learn new Spanish vocabulary, sentence structures and grammar rules, but most of all learn how to use them in everyday communication and various contexts.
Each of us has been teaching or learning a foreign language, „Ana Lucía” was created to with the aim to know the true, spoken Spanish in the situations of everyday life. The book will allow us get to know the different dialects and common speach, slang. A lawyer, a doctor or a fisherman, anyone,  „Ana Lucía” shows anyone in any situation how in a simple, smooth and transparent manner enrich your vocabulary of the field.

While reading our story you can follow the emotions and imagine the story  and in this way, without any effort, unconsciously  we learn many words or whole phrases. Systematically we envolve step by step, creating new stores of our character. Some stores from level A1-A2 are into higher levels of B1-C-2, so that each of would be able to develop our language skills and improve based on the previous text.

The  „Ana Lucía” series is an  innovation in the world of teaching and learning a foreign language. Reach for our stores! Get to know the spoken language.

Titulo: ANA LUCÍA cambia la vida.

Nivel:  A1-A2.
Idioma: español / polaco
Páginas: 44/A5

In this part meet the character, find out who she is, what she does and how she got to Poland. In this text, there have been used Basic phrases asocciated with: car trips, food, desciption of people, cities.
The great advantage for you is that at the end of each page there is useful glossary of difficult or important words. There is also an explanasion of grammar used in the text as well as the skills excercises as the end of each story.

Titulo: Aventura Sobre Ruedas con ANA LUCÍA
Nivel:  B1-B2 
Idioma: español  
Páginas: 118

In this part Ana has to change the car, she is consider and testing an electric car.
On the trip with her friends. Where? – see for yourselves!

The vocabulary also includes technical phrases concering the cars,
e.g.: a visit at  the mechanic.

Ilość stron 44 + 118

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