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The thirty-year old woman and lecturer in several Spanish language schools, ahe has been teaching individual classes completed for the people Wanting to learn Spanish. Interestingly the author has never completed iberistic studies. She acquried Spanish from the closest family, which emigrated to Spain. Constant travelling and the very early and steady exposure to spoken Spanish have made Agnieszka not only acquire Spanish perfectly but also soaked into atmosphere of Spain as well as get to know all the habits and heritage of this country.
Those experiences had allowed her to pass easily the Spanish Exam as well as the DELE one.

Back to college, she started to work as tutor which, within 10 years of time, allowed her to develop her own way of teaching. The author has worked out a metod by which even the most resistant she would be able to speak a foreign language in a natural way. The lessons are always based on a maximum practice and the minimum of grammar. The mimerous success led to the idea of creating the „Ana Lucía” series that use the innorative teaching method mensioned above.  See the adventures of the main character written in a simple and humorous way-just to make speaking foreign language available for everyone!

From the author:
To me as a tutor lecturer, the most difficult part of the classes had been finding the appropiate materials for speaking comprehension. I think there are very few recourses in Spanish that use the common vocabulary from a particular topic, condenced in a courenient and visual way. I hope the adventures of Ana Lucía will become a pleasant leader for those who learn Spanish as well as a rich set of materials and inspiration for the tutors/lectures.

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